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Silk Dyeing Fabric

  • Silk ​Taffeta
Silk ​Taffeta

Silk ​Taffeta

  • material: 100% mulberry silk
  • weight:Depand on meterial
  • Width: Depand on meterial
  • Customize: Colors by Pantone# is workable
  • Product description: Factory direct sale. We can also offer Polyester Crepe de Chine.

About Silk Taffeta

The translation of taffeta, containing the meaning of plain fabric. Also known as taff silk yarn, is a kind of plain weave of the mature weave high-end silk fabrics. The warp yarns adopt double twist, and the weft yarns adopt single twist, with plain weave as the ground, the fabric is of high density, the fabric surface is flat and smooth, and is not easy to be stained with dust. It is often used as coat, down quilt cover and high quality umbrella silk. The downside is that you get creases under a lot of folding.
According to the materials: silk taffeta, dougong silk taffeta,silk cotton taffeta silk yarn taffeta, rayon taffeta rayon taffeta ,polyester taffeta, etc.

According to the weaving process: plain taffeta, shining taffeta, taffeta bar, jacquard taffeta and so on.
Also related to taffeta is a polyester taffeta, is a polyester thin fabric. Polyester taffeta is used in jacket, umbrella, car cover, sports wear, ocean umbrella, handbag, suitcase, sleeping bag, tent, artificial flower, shower curtain, table cloth, chair cover and various high-grade clothing's lining fabric. 170T, 180T, 190T, 210T, 230T, 240T, 260T and 300T (poly100%) can be coated with PA PU PVC coating, gold coating, silver coating, white coating, red coating and black coating.


100% Silk Taffeta


Real silk, Dougong silk, silk and cotton interwoven, rayon, polyester.








Plain Dyed


Depand on Metarial


Depand on Metarial


Customize Pantone Color


1 meter/ yard


The price of real silk fluctuates frequently, the offer is valid for one month.


L/C, T/T or West Union

Sample Time

2-3 days for lab-dip

5-7 days for approval sample of plain color

Delivery Time

25-30 days after received 30% payments advance

Manner of Packing

International standard or as customers’ requeste


Contact us if you want to make your own colors.


1. Finest quality & long history

We were found in 1998, having a long history of two decades. Great experience accumulated in such a long time period make us to be silk professional manufacture in China.

2. Great variety with the most popular types

Specializing in Silk, we carry a great variety of more than twenty types of silk fabrics, which are the most popular silk fabric with international fashion design, such as silk crepe de chine, silk charmeuse, silk georgette and silk chiffon etc. We also can offer POLYESTER SILK fabrics.

3. Feasibility of operation modes

We have plenty of stock, available in hundreds of colors and the MOQ is simply one meter or one yard. We can also Customize dyeing colors, printing patterns, and  making garments for you. Feasibility of operation modes makes us capable of producing both bulk orders in large quantities and retailing orders by yards or meters.

4. Exceptional services

Besides being a silk fabric manufacturer, we also offer exceptional services, such as garments manufacturing, scarf manufacturing, and bedding sets, etc.


Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk Charmeuse

Silk Georgette

Silk Chiffon

Silk Twill

Silk Habotai

Silk Crinkle Yoryu

Silk Paj

Silk Jacquard

Silk Organza

Silk Teffeta

Guangdong Gauze

Silk Velvet

Silk Cotton

Silk Liene

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