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Hangzhou Lihai Silk Co., Ltd, is located in Hangzhou China, where is famous for the realm of silk in ancient China and the capital of silk in modern China. The company, rooted in the land with profound silk culture, is dedicated to carrying forward the ancient silk culture.

Our company has 20 years of experience in the production of silk fabrics and various kinds of silk products. The company has advanced dyeing machines, screen & digital printing machines, finishing machines, cutting beds, ironing machines, with 200 senior garment workers.
We are specialized in the production and processing of ODM/OEM high quality pure/imitation silk products, including various silk related fabrics dyeing, printing, sand washing, embroidery, as well as the silk home wears independent production and garment processing import and export business.
We have already established long term relationship with a lot of customers from all of the word such as US, GERMANY, UK, ITALY, etc. The collaboration with multiples of world-famous brands to produce the most shocking silk products, and gained good reputation from clients. Some clients even have taken us as their exclusive supplier.

We have really appreciated all clients' support, and will continue supply the best service for you. Meanwhile we are looking forward to cooperate and develop with more new clients.


Contact: Frank Yin

Phone: +86-13506818620


Email: frank@lihaisilk.com

Add: KongFen Building1-603, 299# Miaohouwang Road,Xixing Street,Binjiang District,Hangzhou,China.

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