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  • Silk Suspender Lace Night Dress
  • Silk Suspender Lace Night Dress
Silk Suspender Lace Night DressSilk Suspender Lace Night Dress

Silk Suspender Lace Night Dress

  • Product ID:L for H-D33141A
  • Price: $38.5 / 1-9 sets
  • Price: $37 / 10-99 sets
  • Price: $36 / >100 sets
  • Product description: 14mm Silk Suspender Lace Night Dress

Style NO:

L for H-0024

Art Name:

Silk Suspender Lace Night Dress



Fabric Content:

14mm Silk Satin, 100% Mulberry Silk


Comfortable, Classic

Skirt Length


Bottom Width
M 69 82 134
L 71 86 136
XL 73 90 138
XXL 75 94 140

Unit:cm, flat measurement, size data may have a 1-3cm error, please reminding!

Q:How can I approve the samples before I place orders?

A:For our ready made styles, you can order directly from our website when we have the colors and sizes. For OEM and ODM orders,We can make the 1st samples using our stock fabric in same or similar fabrics. Meanwhile we can make lab dips or S/O samples for customer’s approval. If you have the comments to adjust after you check with the 1st samples, we can make 2nd samples or sales samples based on your comments.

Q: How can I confirm the qualities?

A:After the order is confirmed, we can also make PP samples using bulk fabrics and as per bulk spec. before we cut the bulk orders to make sure the bulk production is to spec and good fit and bulk fabrics to customers requirements. When the order is approaching finishing, we can send Shipment samples for approval the final qualities. Or customers can arrange to inspect the goods before shipment.

Q:What is your minimum?

A:For our stock styles, we accept one piece order. For OEM and ODM orders using regular fabrics that we have greige, our minimum is 100pcs per color per style.

Q:What is the delivery time?

A:That will depends on the fabrics,approval,seasons,etc.

Q:What we can do if we have issues for production?

A:All garments will be fully inspected and reported.Necessary measures will be taken ASAP.

1.Fix the issues

2.Have a meeting to discuss how to correct the issues

3.Return for corrections

4.Shipment at our cost if the issues are caused by us. Relative expenses will be paid by the party who takes responsibility for the problems.

Q:Can I place my orders right away?

A:Sure. Amazing!


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